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Game of Thrones leads to a rise of "wolf" dogs in animal shelters
Game of Thrones like many show does have animals. They have wolf dogs. That would be Huskies, Akitas, Malamutes and other large breeds. People watch the show and want the same type of dog. Once they have the dogs they find they are more difficult to look after than they thought, so the dog ends up at an animal shelter.

After popular movies and shows animal shelters end up a large number of whatever animal was featured in the show. People rush to have a pet that they haven't really prepared for. They don't persevere with the animal and learn how to look after it properly. They just drop it at the shelter. Now the shelters have to find ways to rehome these dogs. Sadly these are big dogs and they are not suitable for all people. 

I wish the breeders of these dogs would be more careful about who they sell the dogs to. I wish people would think before they buy pets. I wish shows would be careful about how they portray animals in their show. A dog is for the rest of its life, not just for as long as the show runs.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I have never seen even one episode of "Game of Thrones". However, by coincidence I was looking at Wikipedia a few days ago and read about the series. Apparently it has received quite a lot of criticism for its gratuitous violence (including torture and rape).

It is so sad that dogs have been chosen, and then abandoned, because of some bizarre fantasy series. What does that say about how easily people are sheer fantasy?! They watch such violent fantasies and seem deeply influenced by them. That worries me.
Yes it is very worrying LPC.
People have since the dawn of time been influenced by stories. I suppose in that sense we have not changed. The old tales....the Finnish Kalevala, the Germanic Niebelungenlied, the Norse tales, and even Grimm's Fairy Tales, were not devoid of violence, but had at their core a thread of heroism and usually triumph over evil, or over "dark forces".

But what has changed is maybe gratuitous violence in some of our modern "tales" (usually nowadays movies or video games)
And what may also have changed is the motive of those who invent, promote, and market such violence....

Stories influence the subconscious of a person far more powerfully than any lecture could ever do!

Those poor dogs....never loved for who they are and certainly never understood, or even given a lifestyle suitable for their type or temperament.

And the fashion for breeding wolf-dog hybrids is highly questionable.
Yes they are beautiful creatures, and I have known one, and she was a lovely and friendly being. Actually I have known two. Both great.
But people who want to "own" an animal like that can't always know what they are in for. Not a normal domestic dog. So they may well end up in a shelter when the people can't cope with them, and unless they are very lucky, very hard to re-home.

No I have no knowledge either of "Game of Thrones" besides hearing some of the soundtrack music played on the radio.
I have only seen 4 episodes and it wasn't my fault. I was having dinner with friends and they put the show on after dinner. It is violent fantasy and I recognize themes that are common in other sci-fi /fantasy books. I found the episodes fairly predictable. Of course it has dragons and everyone wants a dragon. 

They make the dogs seem special even though they are also actors playing a part. There is probably makeup and special effects even for the dogs. So any dog someone would buy could not live up to image of the fantasy dog from the show. That is so sad for the dogs. People get them because they want to experience what the actors experienced with the dogs. They forget that they are not Jon Snow and the dog they just bought is a real dog and not an actor dog playing a part. The real dog that they have could never please them. How sad for the dog. No wonder so many are ending up in animal shelters. 

It is disturbing how much people are influenced by popular shows. After the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua. the shelters ended up with a lot of Chihuahuas. People bought them because of the movie and surprise, they just couldn't live up to the image put out by the movie. 

Game of Thrones is in the last season so this dog crisis will soon be over. However there will be another show with other pets and the cycle will happen all over with that pet. Some people never learn.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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