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Mother dog and 9 puppies found in sealed box in a dump
A mother dog and her nine puppies are lucky to be alive. They were sealed in a box and left in a BC dump.
Fortunately they were found in time. After a night at a local vet clinic they were transferred to the local SPCA. Mother and puppies are doing well and the puppies will be available for adoption when they are old enough.

All is well for the dog and her puppies, but the person who did this is still out there. Someone must know who they are.
I hope whoever did this is brought to justice. They deliberately went out to the dump and deliberately sealed the dogs in a box. Then they left them there to die. It was intended that they would be trapped in the box and die. They would have died slowly. It would have been terrible. This person needs to be found and stopped from ever harming an animal again.
If they didn't want the dog they could have driven her and her puppies to the SPCA in the first place. There is no excuse or explanation that justify what was done.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I am glad to hear the mother dog and pups are all right.
No, there is no excuse for what this person did. It is just as easy to drive them to the SPCA. It is often hard to believe that peole can have such dark thoughts and desires.

I hope all the dogs go on to live very happy lives and are loved.
The last I heard on the news was that the mother and puppies are doing well.

It took time and attention to deliberately seal a dog in a box and then abandon it.
It was deliberate and thought out. It would have been easier to take the dogs to the SPCA.
Whoever this person is, they are nasty.

The dogs are better off without him.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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