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Dog flight companions needed
The Animal Guardian Society is looking for volunteers to fly with dogs from Winnipeg to Toronto. The dogs are brought to Winnipeg from remote northern areas of Manitoba. They are quarantined and prepared to travel to Toronto where they will be taken care of, prepared for adoption and eventually will find their own homes.
First they have to fly to Toronto. It is much cheaper if the dogs fly with someone rather than be shipped as cargo.
Close to 150 dogs have been rescued this way since 2017.

I think this is a great cause. Moving animals from areas where they are overpopulating to areas that need dogs helps people and animals at both ends of the journey.
Now when I meet and interesting dog, I have to ask where it is from and I usually get to hear an interesting story.

I hope they find all the  volunteers that they need. I look forward to seeing more interesting dogs in future.
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