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Shelter dog just wanted to stay at the shelter
Gumby the hound ended up at the Charleston Animal Society Shelter. He did well with the staff and other dogs so they worked at finding him a home....eleven times.  If the new owners didn't return him, he ran away and tried to return himself. It finally dawned on the shelter staff that Gumby wanted to stay at the shelter. It is where he wants to be.
He helps with the other dogs and is generally loved by everyone.

Sometimes we think we know what an animal wants and needs, but the animal knows better. Gumby clearly likes his life as a shelter dog. Most dogs would be unhappy and would gladly go home with a family. For Gumby, life in the shelter meets his needs. Perhaps he likes the excitement of the other dogs and the many staff and visitors that pass through his life. I am glad they recognized what he wanted and decided to keep him. I am sure everyone is much happier and people can adopt other dogs who want to be with them. It is the best solution for an unusual dog.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Dogs are like people different needs and personalities there is no one size fits all.
Gumby is a dog that knew what he wanted. He must have wondered why his people were so silly and kept sending him away. It took them long enough to catch on.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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