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New York bans cat declawing
New York State has just banned cat declawing. In fact it is the first American state to ban cat declawing.
Cat declawing is totally cruel. It involves amputating the end  of each of the cats toes. The cat must still walk on those feet for the rest of its life. It is very painful and not necessary.

Good for New York. Now with New York as an example. we need to encourage other states and other countries to ban declawing as well. We also need vets around the world to refuse to do the procedure. Some day declawing will be a memory of something horrible we used to do to animals. Some day there will be no cats left with the side effects of declawing. I look forward to that day.
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Good news! But it has SO long for even one US state to ban this cruel practice! Regarding other countries, see:

(The home page is worth a visit, too)
I am afraid North America is slow to respond to this issue. There is only one US state and only a few Canadian provinces that have banned declawing. It is frustrating how slow the response is, but at least there is some change. I hope New York is a strong example for places that are wavering. This practice can't be ended soon enough.
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Thanks for that link LPC.
I also read this page there thoroughly, as it outlines in detail, the surgical procedure and dangers both during surgery and post-operatively:

The Truth About Declawing
I actually witnessed a declawing when I worked for a vet in 1974. It is worse than the description. It is a crude procedure. The vet used claw clippers to cut through the bone and take the end off of each toe. There was no stitching or post surgical pain killers. I don't think he even sterilized the clippers before he used them.
He had me wrap the cat in a towel and hold it when the anesthetic wore off because the pain was so great that cat would have thrown itself against the bars of the cage and been hurt. He didn't want the cat to get hurt.

I still feel sick about it. I am sure the owners cared about their cat and had no idea what declawing really does.
I don't want to say anything about karma, but that vet had a nasty end. He cut a lot of corners and exposed himself to radiation and developed a nasty cancer.

There is no reason or excuse or anything that justifies the kind of operation I witnessed. Nothing justifies the pain it caused and nothing excuses the lifetime of pain the cat must have endured.

That is over 40 years ago and we still have not fully banned declawing. 
Why has this taken so long?
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