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72 Dogs rescued from puppy mill in Edmonton.
Due to complaints from the public, a puppy mill was raided and 72 dogs rescued. 
People who came to buy the dogs found they were not as advertised on  Kijiji. Animal Control and Care was alerted and they came to the house and discovered 72 dogs in various stages of neglect and ill health.

First, good for the people who reacted and called Animal Control. Good for Animal Control and Care for acting so quickly. 
These dogs have a chance at good lives now. For the females forced to bear litter after litter of puppies, it is an end to their suffering.

The woman who ran the puppy mill is facing charges of animal cruelty and neglect. It would be good if the penalty is enough of a deterrent to prevent further puppy mills. I doubt it will be.

The other issue is Kijiji selling animals. If they are going to permit the sale of animals then they need to monitor the situation. A warning that someone has a puppy mill would be the availability of puppies all year round. A breeder might have a few puppies for sale a few times a year. Puppy mills have puppies of all ages available all the time. This is because they have so many females that they breed continuously. Maybe the only way to shut down puppy mills is for volunteers to  check out Kijiji ads and watch for too frequent sales by the same person. 
Something needs to be done.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I hate puppy mills they need to bring in legislation to stop them.
They made it illegal to sell puppies and kittens in pet stores. It was supposed to stop puppy mills, but they just sell on line now.
I think all of us watching for signs of puppy mills and reporting them may end up the best way of stopping them.
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