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Lost Ball Python found, but it is not the right snake
I shouldn't laugh, but this is so funny. A family lost their pet Ball Python, Monty. A Ball Python was found a month later 3 km away. They assumed it was their snake and brought it home. When it acted differently they compared it to photographs of their snake and they didn't match. So the imposter, now named Sneaky Pete, is happily living in Monty's tank. Monty has only been gone a month so he could come back any time. My guess is that he has never left the house and a serious search would find him.

If you have a snake you have to have a proper lid on their tank and you have to be careful when you have company. 
Snakes are curious and they sometimes like to explore. If the lid is open the snake will take a look around. Being a snake it will curl up and sleep for weeks on end before deciding to look for food. If you have mice in your house (in Toronto that would be a yes) the snake will take care of your mouse problem before you see him again.  With a Ball Python, placing a large bowl of water on the floor might have a chance of bringing the snake out of hiding.

My albino black rat snake, Martin, was an escape artist in his younger days. Before I got him, he got out and disappeared for a number of months. He was found three houses away from his owner's home catching mice in  someone else's place.
Oddly since I brought him home he has shown no interest in wandering. He usually won't leave his tank no matter how I coax him. As an older wiser snake he is happy to live safe, secure and well fed.
[Image: 5bcpZbyqd4BwSm3EJp4Ft7pQKTAwOREtRkWwunxj...=w387-h291]This is Martin on one of his rare outings. 
I wouldn't mistake him for a different snake.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Oh how funny. Sneaky Pete is on to a good thing there. But meanwhile what happened to the original Ball Python?? I hope that one is okay? It would be nice if he had also been taken in safely by someone.
I think the original ball python is still in the house. He isn't hungry yet so he is having a good sleep curled up somewhere. He could stay hidden for months. Ball pythons are like that. They are called ball pythons because they curl up into a tight ball. Monty could stay hidden for six months and still be perfectly fine. They need to find a friend who understands ball pythons to help them search for him.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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