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Dog stolen from a shelter returned safe
On Thursday a man tried to get a dog from the Toronto Humane Society. He was angry about the adoption process and had to be removed from the building. On Friday he walked back in an  took the dog from his kennel and somehow was able to walk right out with him. The police have been looking for Milo the dog ever since. Happily the dog was spotted and the police were able to rescue him on Sunday.

It is fortunate that someone recognized Milo and called the police. They knew who took him, but he might have been hard to find. Once again the public has been a great help in returning a lost dog. There have been a number of dog thefts in Toronto and it has been someone recognizing the dog that has helped bring it home safely.

I know the kennel section of the shelter and it is not that easy to just take a dog. He must have waited for a particularly busy time and then walked the dog with confidence as if it was his dog. Milo is a loving, trusting dog so he would have gone quietly.
I suppose they will have to review security procedures and make sure this cannot happen again.
Shelters tend to be welcoming places. I hope they can be more secure without losing the openness  to the public.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Not only is Milo back safe and sound, I got to meet him today while I was gardening at the shelter.
He is a beautiful, happy dog and I just know he will find a forever home soon.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

The adoption procedure is in place for very good reasons. It is meant to ensure that the adopted animal has a vetted home and new human family! It is meant to ensure (as far as possi ble) the animal's safety in its new home.
And the adoption fee is necessary also. It is because of those fees, and donations, that shelters can continue to help animals in need.

The man who stole Milo violated his terms of probation. That was one of the charges. That means he has some criminal history.

It's good that Milo was recovered. If a man is willing to give no careful thought to the reasons for the adoption procedure, then he could miss vital things that needed careful thought with Milo, had he succeeded in keeping him.

I like Milo's picture. He is trying to eat the microphone ! Smiley4 

How nice that you actually got to meet him Catherine !
The Milo story just keeps getting happier and happier. Milo has now been adopted by one of the police officers who rescued him. The officer just fell in love with him. Milo is such a sweet dog.

I am so glad the story had a happy ending.
You are right about the adoption process. The shelter knows its dogs. It needs to be sure the dog and the new family are a match. They also want to be sure people have the right expectations of the dog they are adopting and they know how to care for it properly.

Clearly the guy who stole Milo would not have been a good home for Milo. He lacked the stability that a young dog needs and he would never have taken him to a vet. Milo was probably microchipped and the vet would have known he was stolen. If you can't handle the adoption  process how could you handle looking after the dog.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

(08-15-2019, 03:44 PM)Catherine Wrote: If you can't handle the adoption  process how could you handle looking after the dog.

Yes, true. Dogs need us to have our act together. We may make mistakes sometimes. Of course -to err is human, but we should have an ability to navigate this world and its ways....for their sake at least.

And such a nice ending, for Milo to be adopted by the police officer who rescued him !
Milo is such a wonderful dog, I am not surprized that he was adopted by the police officer.

Adopting a dog is a big responsibility. Any pet is a big responsibility. The adoption process is set up to make sure people know that. Shelters insist that all family members meet the dog they are going to be adopting. 

Last time I was at the shelter a woman was coming in with a child. The woman had already been interviewed about a dog and was in the adoption process. Her child was there to meet the dog. If they liked each other then the adoption
would go through. A family I know was at the same point in the adoption. The daughter met the dog and she did not like him.  She actually disliked the dog and I don't think he liked her either. The dog stayed at the shelter and was later adopted by another family that liked and wanted him.
It would have been an unhappy situation for a dog to live with someone who disliked him. They have adoption procedures for a good reason.

I am glad Milo found the right home.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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