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Toronto pools are going to the dogs.
This is the last weekend that Toronto outdoor pools will be open. As a special treat the city opens some pools to dogs. You can bring your dog and swim together or you can watch your dog swim. All the pools are going to be drained and cleaned for the season so the dogs should get a chance to enjoy the end of the summer.

I wish I had a dog. I would definitely be at the pool. If it were not for the chlorine I know some reptiles who would love a swim like that. Toronto is a very dog friendly city. Many restaurants have sidewalk seating and you can have your dog with you. It is not quite in the restaurant so it is allowed. Dogs are our bests friend. Of course we want them with us everywhere.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Oh what a nice idea ! That is great for people to have fun with their dogs in the water.
I know(knew) one dog who would have loved that....but he would have cleared the pool!
Jet Smiley4
Jet would have loved it. Think how wonderful it is to take your dog to the pool for a swim. I know it only happens once a year  when they are planning to close the pools anyhow. Maybe they should build some special dog swimming pools.  They wouldn't need to be as fancy as people pools. Dogs would be happy with pools without slides and diving  boards. The water wouldn't have to be heated.
Dogs would be happy with splash pads.  
Dogs in pools is a great idea. I hope we do this more often.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Smiley4 Jet ! Smiley16  Always remembered for his solid friendship, his tremendous love of life, his loyalty and he was indeed a "Good Dog". Faithful and true.
But when I say "he would have cleared the pool", I mean it. A black wolf-like growly being, covered in pond-slime, leaping in the nice blue pool Smiley34 79 69
Yes, I can see how Jet might have made quite a splash so to speak.  Smiley4

There were a fair number of different dogs enjoying their swim.

I would say much fun was had by all.

Sadly the pools are closed to all of us until next year. At least the dogs made a real party of it. They didn't waste a moment of pool time.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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