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Dogs in Norway dying of unknown illness
Dogs in Norway are dying of a sudden unknown illness. About 20 dogs have died so far. It is not clear how it is spread or what the cause is. People are being advised to limit contact between pets.

It would be very frightening to have a dog in Norway right now. There is no way to know why or how the dogs are becoming ill so there is no way to know how to protect your dog.

I hope they find out something from examining the dogs that have died. It would be sad to have this keep on spreading. There must be some cause and there must be some way to treat it. Until then, I feel for the people whose pets are in danger.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

There is a bit of an update. They have ruled out a number of causes. People are being warned to be careful with their dogs.
One possibility could be mushrooms which can be quite toxic and are growing in greater numbers this year. This idea is being investigated.

Knowing how dogs will eat anything, mushrooms could be a possibility. It would be less scary than an infection spreading from dog to dog. Some of the dogs who have been quite ill have not had contact with other dogs. It makes an infection less likely. 
If it is the mushrooms dog owners will have to be very careful when their dogs are outside.
I hope they find out something before more dogs become ill and even die.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

It could be something in the food these dogs are being fed. Perhaps contamination of some kind which is difficult to pin down.....

Yes...possibly the mushrooms. Even if a dog walks on the mushrooms and doesn't eat them, it could lick poison from its feet or legs.

I know someone in Norway, so will let her know immediately in case she hasn't seen this article. She also has a dog.
This is the most recent article I could find.

They really haven't ruled out anything. They have ideas that they are checking out, but so far no clear idea as to the cause.
It sounds like it is getting worse.

They haven't found a food link because the dogs are not all eating the same food. There could be something that goes in all the dog foods that is the cause.  Water doesn't seem likely because the dogs are from all over. It did start in the city and spread out, but it didn't spread from dog to dog. It is a real mystery so far. I am sure they will figure it out, but right now I would be frightening to have a dog in Norway.

Please alert your friend. That is one of the reasons why I posted this. People need to know there is a danger.
I hope her dog is safe. I hope they find the cause soon.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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