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Tired dog triggers lake district rescue
A man was out walking with his dog in the Lake District had to call for help when his dog got too tired too walk. He carried the dog as long as he could and then he became too tired to go on. He rested in a wooden shelter while he called for help.
Six members of the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team and a rescue dog rushed up the mountain where they found one cold tired man and a very tired dog. They helped the man down the mountain and since the dog was only 10 kg, they carried him down.  Then they drove them to their accommodations.

It was a happy outcome and an easy rescue. However it was a cold wet day and both man and dog could have died of hypothermia.
It was fortunate that he had a phone and could call for help. The walk was more than he anticipated and certainly more than the dog was able to handle. Perhaps he should have brought a thermos of warm soup or some food that he could have shared with the dog. 
 It pays to be prepared. The walk was long and it was wet. It never hurts to be over prepared. At least he had a phone.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Mountain rescue teams are just brilliant !
I have known a few people in Mountain rescue. Good people, and nothing seems to be impossible for them.
I like the search dog too, who came with the team to find the dog and the man.

Yes you are right. It does pay to carry some emergency supplies if going for a long walk in an exposed place, especially if the weather isn't good.
Those emergency thermal "blankets" (which look like "plastic tinfoil") are so lightweight to carry and very small when rolled up.

There is even an army issue poncho which when opened up makes a tiny waterproof one-man shelter, when pegged down through the eyelets.
I actually have one in my under-stairs cupboard!

Failing that, an 8ft tarp and some paracord (to tie it to trees as a windbreak and rain shelter) is a very light weight to carry.
And a lighter and some dry tinder is handy, to make a fire when possible. All really light items.

Warm soup in a thermos flask, that man and dog could share would also be a good thing to have.
I have used those little emergency thermal blankets. They do look like tinfoil and  they make a crinkling sound like tinfoil. I took one winter camping (Canadian winter) and all night long it was krinkle, krinkle, krinkle. My tent mates did not love me by morning. Smiley4 

They are so light weight that they can be carried in a pocket. I like the idea of a poncho that can make a small tent. Even carrying a high calorie, high energy snack would help. Of course a warm drink would have helped and an extra sweater or a dog coat.

They were right to call search and rescue. They were is real danger. The search and rescue people were probably glad to have a rescue that was sure to have a happy ending.
Driving them home after was a nice touch.

This does show how important it is to be prepared for the conditions that exist and could exist. Always prepare for something going wrong. The dog tired sooner than expected. If they could have rested and eaten something they probably would have made it on their own.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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