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Forty dogs rescued from northern Manitoba landfill
These poor dogs, many of them young puppies, were trying to survive in a garbage dump eating whatever they could find. 
Someone spotted the dogs and called the Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue. They rescue went in and collected the dogs, including a young litter of puppies that seemed to be without a mother. They have been transported to Calgary where they are being placed in foster homes and temporary homes while permanent homes are sought.

This is all part of the northern Manitoba stray dog problem.  There are no vets to spay and neuter the dogs and they keep multiplying.
Once a dog becomes a stray it just becomes one more dog producing puppies that have no homes.

The work of groups like Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue are essential to getting the stray problem under control. 
The more dogs they bring out of the area the better. The rescue dogs at least have a chance at life. 
What is really needed are spay neuter services in the remote areas. That is not easy to do, but some groups are working on it. 
It is just sad that the problem is so bad that multiple litters of puppies were found at a garbage dump.
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