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Dolly Annabell

We have a foster fur baby!
This is Annie. She is a 10 yr old AKC registered golden retriever. She belonged to my husband’s Grandfather. He’s in hospice and his wife at 85 can’t take care of her alone. She’s just too much dog. So we agreed to foster her Once he passed but I found a potential home quicker than I thought. Kasey’s dad brought her up last night from south of Montgomery, Alabama to north of Nashville, Tennessee about a 2.5 hr drive roughly. Traffic made it 3hrs. We had no idea if she’s would even get along with dogs but we needed to know so we took a chance. She gets along great! Which is good because her new home has a dog that needs a friend. We will keep her at least two weeks before handing her over for a trial run. I’m going to have them bring their dog over for a meet and greet to make sure they get along. Then I will do a meet and greet at their house with Annie before the trial run. With any luck she will be in her new home by the middle of next month!
Here’s some more pictures.
Well done with the fostering. Dolly Annabell is a beautiful girl and with your help she will transition into a new home and be very happy there. You were lucky to find a new home so quickly. I am sure all your meet and greets will go well. The new people must be really excited to get such a beautiful dog.

I am sorry Kassey's grandfather couldn't stay at home with his dog anymore. It must be hard on the family, especially his wife. 
It is good to settle the dog in the right home as soon as possible. At 10 years old it is not easy to start over with a new family.
I hope all goes well. Keep us posted.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Annie is a beautiul girl, Libby. It's a shame she's lost her family, especially as she's getting older. She must wonder what's happening. But she looks good. I hope she finds a kind new home to live out the rest of her days.

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