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Goats on Slopes
A ski hill in Ontario is taking an ecofriendly approach to clearing its slopes for ski season. Instead of environmentally unfriendly herbicides and labour intensive  manually clearing the slopes, the ski resort has turned a herd of 20 goats loose on the hills. 
The 20 goats have cleared 4 acres in ten days. There will be another 30 joining them.

This is a sustainable method of clearing an area. The same goats can be used year after year. They do no ecological harm. The goats are happy to do it. Being out there munching away on plants they like to eat, in the warm fall sunshine, is like a vacation for them. 
The use of goats for clearing areas is an idea that is catching on. Some cities are using goats to clear weeds from parks.
This is something that we can do year after year without causing harm or contributing to global warming.

For everything we need to do, like clearing ski slopes, there is a sustainable green solution.
I hope other ski resorts follow his example.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Great idea. Where do the goats go when the ski season is in full swing?
I don't know the details, but the goats are rented or at least their services are rented from Giantview Farms. They only service the slopes in the fall. In the summer the goats would either be on the farm where they come from or they would be doing weed control somewhere else.
I assume they winter in barns. Our winters are not that bad or that long so they could be outside grazing much of the year. Some of the goats in Ontario are used to produce milk and cheese so they are well looked after.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Well, that sounds like the ideal situation - plus environmentally friendly as a bonus!
Over the last few years I have come across a number of goat situations. I think Edmonton and Calgary are both using goats to clear weeds. 

I  came across Eco-Goats years ago. They still have a web site so they must be doing business.

There are other companies with goats now.

It is probably a business idea that still needs work to get it well known and functioning efficiently. However the goats love the work and know what to do. I am sure this is just one of many ways we can work with nature when we need to do something.
I would love to see the goats at work.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

What a super idea ! It beats someone having to go out with a strimmer (weed whacker) and having to spend lots of time cutting weeds ! And it certainly beats weed-killer!
And the goats are in their element !
What a good idea for these hungry goats to have their own website too ! Smiley4
I have noticed increasing numbers of goat articles in the last few years. Goats are becoming the solution to many problems with weeds. They can work efficiently and they can go places we can't go. They are a safe, eco-friendly renewable resource.

Goats were used in California to clear brush around the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Because of their work fire fighters were able to save the building.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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