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Fairwell Caitrin
Sadly my beautiful Caitrin has gone. She was such a character. She had a funny growth on her side that I believe was cancer. She is around 13 years old and I could tell she was failing. She stopped eating a few weeks ago and had lost weight. That is usually a sign that a snake is failing. She was always a strong healthy snake so it was hard to see her come to the end.

[Image: IMG_6257.JPG?psid=1&width=303&height=227]
Caitrin is the red coloured snake. She was a number of years old when I brought her home. I chose her for Earl, my beautiful old male. He died several years ago. They were very close. He adored her and she loved him.
When Earl died, Caitrin bonded with Jack an older male. She liked Jack and they had happy times together.  Sadly he passed and Caitrin bonded with David. David is a gentle older male and he was with her when she died. She had a good life and she loved and was loved in return. 

She was the mother of many children and they were all strong and beautiful. I have kept 6 of them, two from each of the males she partnered with. They are all different, but they have her energy.
Caitrin may be gone, but I look at her children and I see her in them.

I am going to miss Caitrin. I hand picked her from a choice of beautiful females. I still think she was the prettiest. I know Earl, Jack and David all agreed with me. Caitrin may be gone. but she will never be forgotten.

Earl and Jack will both be happy to see her again. I guess I had her long enough. It is time to let her go to the ones who love her and miss her. 
Farewell Caitrin. I was privileged to share  so many years with you. Heart
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I am very sorry for your loss Catherine.
Blessings to Caitrin Angel Heart 
I think she may be reunited with her mate who passed not so long ago. She did well with her life after his passing but I am sure she is glad to see him again.

Go well dear Caitrin.
Thank-you. Caitrin lived a good life and was a happy snake. She was always well until the last couple of months. She died quietly with dignity surrounded by friends. Now I give her back to Earl. Before the snow flies and the ground is frozen I want to let her body rest with Earl. It is a beautiful fern filled place behind my small pond, next to my Mountain Ash Tree. Jack is there too so they will all be reunited.

I find I am remembering so clearly the day I picked her out and brought her home. She was a classy lady and I always had a lot of respect for her. Go in peace my dear Caitrin. Thank-you for staying with me so long. Heart
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Sorry to hear that.. RIP
I add my condolences, Catherine. I've lost count of how many snakes you have cared for, but they have all been happy with you and enjoyed their lives. Roam free with your friends on astral fields, Caitrin!
Thank-you. I think I have lost count too. Some stayed such a brief amount of time. Caitrin was with me a decade and she had such a strong personality. It is hard to believe she is gone. She stayed strong and beautiful to the end and I wish her well in the future. She has many friends waiting for her. I think where ever she is she is the leader and the rest will be glad to follow her lead. Earl adored her and I am sure he is finally happy now that she is with him again.

I look at her beautiful strong children and I know that she will never totally be gone from me. I have a snow white son of Caitrin called Fire Frost and he has her bold personality. I think I will see Caitrin everywhere I look for years to come.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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