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Microchip brings dog home after 12 years
Duchess the Fox Terrier slipped out and disappeared from her home in Florida. Her owner searched, but couldn't find her. She never lost hope and she continued to pay the microchip fee to keep the microchip active.
Twelve years later someone found a lost, hungry dog in Pittsburg. The dog was turned into the shelter. They checked the microchip and called the owner. Imagine their surprize to find that she had been missing from Florida for 12 years. 

Imagine the surprize of Katheryn Strang to hear that her dog had been Pittsburgh.

I am sure there is an interesting story behind the lost years and 1000 miles trip. 
We will never know, but it would be amazing to know even part of it.
Think about it. She kept paying the fee for twelve years. If she hadn't done that they would not have been able to find her and bring her dog back. She deserved to get her dog back after faithfully waiting 12 years. I hope they have many happy years together now.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

It always pays to have a companion animal microchipped. But I'm amazed to read that Americans have to pay $15 per year! Here in France (and in most of Europe as far as I know), once the animal is microchipped and the number notified to a central database, it remains there for life.

Still, I'm happy for Katheryn and Duchess.
I have never heard of the fee either. That could explain why some people hesitate to microchip their animals. It could get expensive if you had multiple pets for many years.

I am happy they were reunited. I wish them good years together.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

That is quite amazing, that Duchess was found after 12 years! I wonder what happened to her, and who she lived with? If it was someone who loved her, they must be very sad now.
But the first thing I would ever do if I found a lost dog is take it to the vet, and a microchip check. Why did that take 12 years?

I too, had no idea people had to pay  $15 fee per year for a chip. It's just a one-time payment in UK.

It's good that she never gave up hope about finding her dog and kept the chip details updated.
If there is a fee to keep the microchip registration current, there must be many microchips that haven't been kept up.
Not too many people would continue to pay the fee for 12 years.

If anyone had taken the dog to a shelter in the 12 lost years, they would have seen the microchip and she would have come home sooner. I can't imagine where Duchess has been or how she traveled so far. Good thing someone finally had her checked for a microchip.
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