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ARTS Senior Animal Rescue
There is a rescue group in Alberta that believes in giving pets a new leash on life. ARTS Senior Animal Rescue takes in older cats and dogs from all over Alberta. Their volunteers look after them and work to find the right home for these older pets who find themselves homeless in their senior years.

They recognize that older pets still have a lot of love to give. It may be fun to adopt a kitten or puppy, but when you take in an older pet you  are doing an act of kindness to an animal that needs you. These older pets are wonderful and loving and even though they have less years ahead of them, they can be very good years.
For a person who is older taking an older pet might make more sense than having a young pet. You would understand each other.

I love the dedication of these people. I have taken in older guinea pigs and it was worth it. The 15 months I had with Rosie were so much fun. I have never regretted adopting her.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

It's so good that these older animals are being cared for like this. How sad, that the woman had to move and couldn't take her dog Molly with her. At least she can rest assured Molly will see out her days well cared for. But what a heartbreaking situation.

Some older animals may also come from situations in which their previous human companion has passed away. Then sometimes it's hard to find a new loving home for that cat, or dog, for whatever time they have left.

It's true that those who adopt an older animal are giving a lot of pure love, bless them.

But it also true that it's best if they do have some financial stability, as many older cats and dogs will need veterinary care at some point and it can run to quite a cost sometimes.

Misty hardly ever needed the vet. But in her last couple of years she did -quite frequently, and for expensive procedures. I didn't count the cost at the time, but it was quite a bit of money when I stop to think about it.

We all need more medical care as we get old. Very few avoid it, dogs and cats included.
I suspect that many older dogs are homeless for similar reasons to Molly. The person who cared for them no longer can.
It is sad for the owner and the pet that they have to be separated. It is even sadder if the person has died. I sure the pet knows.
Of course some senior pets are homeless because people don't want them anymore because they are old.

You are right, anyone taking on an older pet would be taking on a dog or cat with special needs. It is a very caring thing to take on a pet during their more expensive older years. Vet bills can end up being a lot of money. Like you and Misty, you didn't count the cost and you were glad to pay it, but the person taking on the pet needs to be in a position that they can pay.

I wish there was a vet fund to help people who want pets pay the expensive bills. It would make it more possible for some people to take on an older pet.
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