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Would you feed a Polar Bear through your window?
This isn't a "funny" video as such, but it is charming.

I don't know if doing something like this is a good idea....(thinking of the bear's welfare and its possible dependency on humans.)  However, I don't know the whole story there.
But how sweet, one has to admit ! What a nice bear. Smiley4
It is a cute video and the bear is very well behaved. 
I wonder where they are.  I am sure there is a story behind it all.
I wonder if it is a wild polar bear or is it a hand raised orphan bear. I would think a hand raised bear would be somewhat tame.
I don't think I would risk feeding a bear like that. It would be fun though and the bear is so well behaved. I guess I would feed the bear if I had the chance.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I would probably feed THAT bear Smiley4 
But whether I would give bits of cheese to the average wild Polar that is another question !

That bear seems as if it is accustomed to interacting with humans. It even understood when the guy said  goodbye.

The only questionable thing is....will the bear be safe now it has connected with humans and associated them with food? Hopefully, it will.
It is probably not a wild bear. I don't think a wild bear would settle for a little snack like that. It is probably a well fed bear.
A hungry bear would have been more aggressive about food.

I think I would have given the bear a healthy fruit snack or some carrots. Polar bears at the zoo like to eat fruits and vegetables as a snack. They also love pumpkins and play with them before they eat them.

He is a beautiful well behaved bear, but I still think I wouldn't have fed him by hand. I would worry about the safety of my hand.
After all, it is a polar bear.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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