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Video shows dog walker-trainer abusing a dog
A dog walker-trainer was caught on video abusing a dog in his care. The dog was seized by the SPCA along with the trainer's own dogs. His dogs were found to be in very bad condition and they will be cared for and not returned to him. He is being charged with animal abuse and could face a lifetime ban on owning animals.

If I owned the dog in the video I would feel sick about leaving my dog with such a person.

This incident highlights a problem with dog walking and training. They are unregulated. Glen Zeller considers himself a dog expert.
He advertises himself and charges people for his services. In his own opinion he is an expert. There has been no outside assessment of his skills or his methods. No doubt he has been abusing animals for years. This is just the first time he has been caught.
Until the dog walking business is regulated this type of thing will continue. 

I guess we need to get to know the people caring for our animals so that we can know that they are safe.
I hope this incident will be enough to get the province moving on stronger dog walking regulations.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Oh that is horrible !
I hope they prosecute this man. No one ever needs to beat dogs into submission. It is shocking and horrific. Those poor dogs.
I know if ever I needed a dog walker or trainer, I would really need to know that person.
It is terrible to think that he has been treating people's pets like that. I think he will be charged. They have a video so it is clear that he is guilty. He definitely won't be getting his own dogs back. 

The man claims to be an expert trainer, but he clearly is just a bully. He can abuse a dog into submission, but he has no idea how to actually train a dog. His dogs are much better off without him. I hope they are able to settle into safe loving homes.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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