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Halloween Pet Safety
This is the season of Halloween parties and events. It can be a scary time for our pets. Things that we find fun, like scary costumes, can be confusing and frightening for some animals. We have a lot of candy around that can be dangerous for our pets. 
It is important that we take a little extra care to protect our pets.

Some of the rules around microchipping are specific to a particular area, but the advice is good. Microchips bring pets home. Even many years later a pet can find its way home because of a microchip.

The advice about Halloween treats is very important. Much of our candy is dangerous to our pets. Halloween treats are often smaller and a dog could swallow them whole, packaging and all and choke or become sick later as the candy wrapper causes trouble in the gut.

Keeping our pets calm and stress free is very important. Making sure a pet is safe from people and protected from the noise and confusion of Halloween is our responsibility. It would be good to take a few minutes to think about how Halloween impacts your pet and fine ways to it from harm and distress. Our pets trust us to protect them and this is one time when we need to earn that trust.
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