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Reading to the dogs at the Animal Shelter
The Toronto Humane Society has a program, Reading Buddies,  that pairs new readers with shelter dogs. The children come in on a Saturday and sit and read to a shelter dog. Part of the program is meant to help the children who are struggling with their reading. Dogs are a perfect audience. They listen intently without judging the skill of the reader. With practice the reader improves. 
The dog also improves. The dogs become used to children and more comfortable with them. This increases their adoptability. 
It is also good for a dog to have the one on one attention of a child reading to them.

This is a brilliant idea that benefits everyone. It helps the children and the dogs. It would have been good if either party was helped, but helping both is a bonus. It also makes the shelter part of the community and makes people more aware of what the shelter does.
Everybody wins. I like the fact that shelters are being creative in how they care for the animals and how they relate to the community. Reading Buddies is such a good idea and I am glad to hear that it is working.
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