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A Bucket List for Gramps
Gramps is a ten year old dog in central Alberta who has had a hard life. He has lived outside with a minimum of care. Saving Grace Animal Rescue Society has been keeping an eye on him  for 5 years. This time when they checked on him his health was bad and his  people let the shelter take him in. It was discovered that he has cancer. So they created a bucket list of things that Gramps should do before he dies. They want him to have the best last days of his life possible.

Gramps is really enjoying all the things they are doing with him. I think it is a wonderful idea. After such a limited life with so few comforts it is wonderful to see how happy he is. Even if it is a short happy time, it is a happy time and Gramps really deserves it.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

It brings tears to my eyes.
What a lovely dog. Heart
How sad that he was kept outside all the time and not given help earlier on, when maybe a small surgery could have removed that cancer?
Well, his people did the right thing for him in the end, and let him go to these Saving Grace people.
And Gramps will have the opportunity to experience so much of life denied to him before.
I hope his last days will be full of fun, and his passing a peaceful one.
I love the story of Gramps. It feels good to think of him having beautiful last days however many there are.
The saving Grace people are true animals lovers. What they are doing for Gramps is so special. Everyone deserves some happiness in their lives and the end of life should be a good time full of love and peace and in Gramps case, many new and exciting experiences.

I wish Gramps many days of life and a peaceful end. Heart
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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