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Horse rescues other horses in California wildfire
There is an amazing video that shows a horse choosing to run back into the danger area to lead 2 other horses to safety.
You can see the horse hesitating and then deciding to act. The other two immediately run to their rescuer and follow it to safety. One is just a baby and his mother trusts the other horse to help her save her baby.

Maybe don't listen to the sound. The reporter keeps talking, but she doesn't understand what is going on and I don't think she knows much about horses.

It is hard to believe what we are seeing at first. The dark horse deliberately goes back for the mother and baby. 
The horse deserves an award for bravery. He had gotten out of danger and then he went back for them. It is beautiful to watch.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Animals are just as capable of compassion and concern for others as humans are. The arguments that "animals are self-centred and cannot empathise" used to be common. With more evidence, this view is now happily nearly outmoded. Humans are not special.

It is inspiring to see the selfless action of the horse, leading the others to safety!
You can almost see the moment when he realizes that he has to go back. Then he just does it. The way the mother and baby run towards the rescuing horse is beautiful. They realize that he is there to save them. 

Animals are capable of many things if we take the trouble to notice. I think the reporter doesn't even see it. She thinks he is running back into a burning barn.
I wish the humans  watching had been more helpful. They might have helped the other two horses. Cutting the fence wire would have made it easier for the horses to get out of danger.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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