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Charges for man who left his dog tied to a tree.
Charges are being laid against a man who abandoned his young shepherd by tying her to a tree. The binding cable was so tight that the dog couldn't move and she was left with deep wounds. It took surgery to fix them. Hope was very thin and dehydrated and in terrible shape. Fortunately she has responded to treatment. She is now well and has been adopted by one of her caregivers.

I am glad the story has a happy ending. It could easily have ended in tragedy. Hope's jugular vein was exposed by the tight cable around her neck. It could easily have severed the vein and she wouldn't have survived.

There was no need for the dog to be abandoned like that. She could have been taken to a shelter or even tied more humanely.
The man who did this to Hope could face two years in jail and some serious fines and bans on owning animals. Considering what he did, he should spend  time in jail. I think they need to make an example of him. There have been too many cases of people abandoning animals in ways that are cruel. Certainly the ban on owning animals is necessary. 

I am just glad things worked out for Hope.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Above all, I hope for a lifetime ban for this man!
Yes I also hope for a lifetime ban. That is not a way to deal with a dog you can't keep any more. Poor Hope, bless her. I hope she will eventually be able to forget that terrible wounding, and will have a happy new life with a caring proper family.
It sounds like Hope has found people who really care for her and she will  be given the life she deserves. She went home with one of the people who cared for her after she was found. They would know what she had suffered and would want to do everything to make her life beautiful. I wish her a very long and happy life.

I agree with you both. The man who left Hope like that should never be allowed to have a pet again. 
I want him to do jail time too. It will send a strong message to anyone else who is mistreating an animal.
An animal abuser will not be respected by the other inmates. Even a short time in jail will give the man an idea of what his dog went through. What he did should not be without consequences.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Horrible person that poor baby she must have been so scared.
You are right. She must have been so scared. I hope life is very special for her now. She deserves the very best of everything.
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