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Turtle vs. developers...turtle wins
Developers proposed building a 58 unit housing development with a marina, fitness facility, club house, swimming pool and other things on Stoney Lake. The area is an important wetland habitat for the Blanding's Turtle. Development in the area would put the species at risk. The proposed development would impact a number of other species that are at risk and put the water supply for the area in jeopardy. There would be significant pollution issues from the amount of sewage the development would produce. 

Local people and various concerned groups fought the developers and won. The turtle habit will be spared!

This is a beautiful victory. An important natural habitat was at risk of being destroyed by developers  and the natural habitat won. The area will not be destroyed. I will live on as it has for many years. Species that count on this area will live on and survive.
We can fight habitat destruction and win.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Good news! That is one of the benefits of democracy and freedom of expression: the ability to criticise openly when some bad project is proposed.
It is great that concerned people were able to stop a bad project. It gives me hope that other bad projects could be stopped.
Too bad we couldn't stop the Oil Sands project in Alberta. There was never any doubt about how much damage it would do and it still went ahead and is continuing even now.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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