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Off leash dog encounter
Today I was at the end of a 2.5 mile walk with my dogs. We were nearly home when the UPS truck pulled up next to me to warn me of an off leash dog on the street ahead. My eyes were then glued to the head of the street just scanning for the dog. Great there’s not really a good way back but the way we came which would turn the walk into a 5 mile walk or longer. I yell thank you to the ups guy and just stand there trying to decide if Regina could make the extra walk. That’s when I see the dog run up smelling a bush on the far side of the cross street. So I decided the side street behind us was a good place to just dive off and hide. It could give us cover and time for the owners to catch the dog. That’s what Fennec lets out a squeal and the dog turns and charges straight at us. We were a ways down so I had time to grab my pepper spray (average quarter size acre lots in the neighborhood). The dog is maybe 20ft from us and I just hell “HEY!” (Mama bear was going to protect her cubs warning lol) You could hear it echo off the houses all down the street. Acoustically I was in the best place I could have been.

I’ve never seen a dog stop dead in its tracks like that. He was a beautiful shepherd mostly black and white speckled. He looked at us puzzled and then turned away and ran back towards home.
Once I decided he was going to keep his distance I just continued home like I was going to originally. I saw the dog run past its owners again and some idiot in a huge black truck comes speeding up the street past us headed for the dog and nearly hits him as everyone including other neighbors are yelling at him to slow down. Thankfully he does. Another car coming from behind me is also speeding towards us and the neighbor on the opposite corner calls out to be careful and hells at the guy to slow down. I step off in the yard and just wait for the idiots to go away.
I finally got my dogs home and ran back to the top of my street to see them taking the dog back inside.

Let me just say that the people that spoke up and helped are amazing people!
Wow. That was an interesting encounter that involved a lot of people helping out. 
The UPS guy was good to let you know about the dog so you didn't run into him. I could picture you defending your dogs like a mama bear. Standing your ground and yelling must have really startled the poor dog. He wouldn't know what to do. No wonder he ran. 
I am glad people helped protect the dog from traffic when he ran so his owners could get him safely back. I think most people like dogs and most people want to help out. I am glad it all ended well for everyone.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Boy that was an interesting walk glad it all worked out in the end.
Turns out the dog didn’t belong the people that caught it and last I heard they were trying to find it’s home but I looked and can’t find any posts online so I’m guessing they found its home.

I’ve never felt more powerful when that dog stopped. His whole body language changed and I could see the wheels turning in his head figuring out it was best to leave us alone.
Quote:I’ve never felt more powerful when that dog stopped. His whole body language changed and I could see the wheels turning in his head figuring out it was best to leave us alone.
The strongest force on earth is a mother defending her babies.  That dog was smart enough to figure that out.

The people didn't own the dog! That makes them one more group of people in this encounter who worked to make it end well.
I am sure his people were looking for him so no doubt he is home by now.

Your dog walks are pretty interesting. Everyone must be aware of you and your dogs so they would want to help out to prevent trouble. I wonder if you will run into the people who own the dog that was out wandering. They must be in your area.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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