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Beware of Ice Melt around pets
Ice Melt is a number of products that are used to melt ice on roads and sidewalks. It can contain a number of possible chemicals. It usually contains a lot of salt. It can be very harmful to pets. Ingesting the ice melt would add too much salt to the system of a dog or cat. Small amounts could give an upset stomach. Large amounts could cause seizures and even be fatal.

Animals can lick the salt from their feet. They could eat to snow or drink the melted ice water. It is important to protect pets from doing this.

Every year we dump tons of salt on our roads and sidewalks. I won't even comment on what that does to the roads. The risk to pets is always there. The salt damages their feet. The feet dry and crack and can be quite painful. 

The actually ingesting of the ice melt is much more serious. Dog owners need to be very careful when they are walking their dogs in winter. It might be best to seek areas that have less or no salt so dogs can be safely walked.

Don't let your pet lick anything outside and always wash the feed when you get home. Better to be safe than sorry.
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