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Grizzly bears move further north because of climate change
Many animals are being effected by climate change and their ranges are changing. Grizzly bears are one species that is clearly expanding. They are appearing further north and further east. They are also arriving in bigger numbers.
It is not clear yet what this means for the grizzlies or the other species in the area.

One thing that is clear, animals are moving in response to the climate changes we have caused. Species are coming in contact that would never have met before. Some of the northern animals are now going to face competition or threat from the grizzlies.
Polar bears are already stressed by the declining ice. They struggle to survive on land. Now they will also have to compete for limited resources with grizzly bears.

Climate change is like a giant science experiment. The whole planet is the lab and no one knows what the results will be. For some species it might seem to help them. For others it could be the end. We just don't know.
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