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Vets new prescription
My dog looks and seems ill. She seems to be weak enough to stand and I'm betting couldn't sleep due to continuous coughing. Anyway after seeing her like this for a week I've finally decided to bring her to the vet. The vets diagnosis is that she have a lung cancer and prescribed this med called CBD that I've never heard from any vets before. I've learn here about the said product I mean after some search came to know that it has some positive effect and good feedback from cancer patients who have tried it but those are people and my pet is a dog. I can't stop wandering if that's gonna have the same effect or if I should even follow the vet now Confused
CBD is one of the active ingredients in pot.  It is not the part of the plant that makes you feel high. That is the THC

I don't think anyone knows if CBD is helpful for dogs. If you get a veterinary product and test it on your dog you should be able to tell if it makes her feel better. CBD doesn't treat lung cancer. It just makes your dog more comfortable. 

Did your vet make any suggestions about the cancer. Lung cancer in a dog may not be treatable. If CBD will make your dog feel better and calmer, it would be worth a try.
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