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Humans killed the Carolina Parakeet, can we bring it back?
Genetic studies have shown that the Carolina Parakeet died out suddenly after the arrival and spread of Europeans in North America.
We killed them off the way we killed off the passenger pigeon. 
Deforestation, hunting and disease played a part, but we brought these things to the birds.

Now the Carolina Parakeet is being considered for a de-extinction project. This is still in the experimental stage, but bringing the Carolina Parakeet back is becoming a possibility.  There are enough specimens to provide DNA.

This would be an interesting challenge. Can they actually create Carolina Parakeets using DNA samples and other technology. 
I think some day soon it will be possible. Do I think they should bring back a bird that was lost so recently. Yes. 
I think it might stabilize some habitats if they have all the birds that they used to have and should still have.

If they can do the Carolina Parakeet then they should bring back the passenger pigeon as well.
Better yet would be to use our skills to stop more extinctions.
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