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My Christmas Bunny is back.
Every year for the last ten years I have boarded my friend's  bunny at Christmas time. Luna Bunny is just part of my Christmas routine. I decorate and put up a tree as soon as I know he is coming. 
This year I wasn't sure if he would make it. Luna was very sick in September and we thought we would lose him. He is 13 years old so there was reason to fear. However he is a tough little guy and he pulled through and is his old happy self again.

So it is Christmas and I have my Luna Bunny staying with me and that is something to be celebrated.


[Image: 0d24_6b57.JPG?c=33e1]

He is going to play all night every night that he is here. I free roam him while I am home. He often sleeps on the floor beside the bed. He is just so sweet and loveable and because he comes here so regularly my place is his vacation home. He settles in and treats my place like home. I try to make it a bunny spa experience. We are both going to have fun.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

He's so cute you're going to have a fun Christmas with him there.
I can't believe how good he looks and how lively he is at his age. He is an amazing little guy and so sweet.
I got up this morning and fed the guinea pigs and played with the bunny. Then I cleaned the birds and played with the bunny. Then I gave Barrie the tegu lizard a bath and played with the bunny. You get the picture.

This is a recent picture. I hope it posts. For a while google wouldn't let me access my pictures.
Google still won't let me post any of my pictures. This is all from the glitch I had last summer. 
I will keep working on it.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Luna Bunny is a little hero! He keeps going, full of life and strength. I am glad you had a wonderful Christmas with Luna as your little house-guest.
It is lovely to see a picture of him looking so fine and well.

I don't post my pictures from google, but use a photo host. I wonder if you could transfer your photos to one of those Catherine? It is very easy....just right click on Google and save image....then upload to a host site, then copy the direct link?
I have found uploading to a host, (where I keep all my pictures on back-up in case of computer crash !) and then clicking direct link, I can easily put them on here.
Hope that gets solved for you!
My little bunny is doing very well. He is enjoying his visit. I have had to spend more time sitting with him. He seems to need a lot of cuddling. That makes his visit more special. How he keeps going at his age is a tribute to the power of love. He has been well loved all his life.

I will have to do something about my pictures. The computer is working well now. When this whole glitch started the computer overheated very easily. That was my main concern. Now that it is running right I can look into the photo issue.
What sort of site should I be looking for.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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