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The grey whales are dying
In this past year there has been a serious number of grey whale strandings. The numbers are much higher than in previous years. 
The dead whales are also very skinny. There have been less calves as well. This has been observed in their winter and summer habitats. Something is very wrong and scientists are working to understand the cause.

This impacts the whole west coast of North America. The whales migrate from the arctic to Mexico and back. It is not clear if this is just a grey whale problem or if this is a sign of other problems in the ocean along the coast. The orca populations are in trouble. The salmon stocks are low. This may be a bigger issue than we realize. The ocean along that coast line has been abused by humans for a long time. The pollution alone would be enough to explain things. The noise pollution from our shipping and over fishing also contribute to habitat damage. The grey whales may be a sign of worse things to come unless we act to make things better.
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