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Man kills and skins neighbour's dogs
A Kentucky man killed and skinned 4 young dogs belonging to has neighbours. He did it because he wanted to make a coat.
Yes this man is not okay. He was convicted of killing his step father 10 years ago. The charges were dropped because of his mental illness, but nothing was done to protect the public from him.  Because of that 4 dogs were butchered cruelly.

We don't take it seriously when someone abuses animals and then later kills people. In this case, he killed a human first and then animals. Either way the link between violence against animals and violence against humans is very clear. When someone is dangerous, even if they are not convicted the authorities need to take seriously the danger they are to others.  The failure to do this has cost four beautiful dogs their lives.
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I could not read the article, as the site seems to be another of those restricted to the North Americas only. I got the message "access denied".

What happened to the man on this occasion? Yes, the man is mentally ill - but he is seriously ill and a danger to other creatures - human or otherwise. He should be in a mental hospital. He should be not walking the streets, free to commit further horrors.
This is a version of the story from a UK paper. It pretty much sums it up. It doesn't mention that the man had killed his step father earlier.

I am glad they are holding him. He certainly does need a psychiatric assessment. I just don't understand why he was released after the last killing. He is a dangerous man.

I can understand them finding him not criminally responsible because of his mental state. I just can't understand them turning him loose. Maybe they should look at other occurrences in the neighbourhood. He may have done other terrible things.
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