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Dog abandoned in suitcase in Toronto
Someone put a little Jack Russel mix female in a suitcase. Zipped it shut and tossed it down a hill in a west end Toronto park area. 
I was fortunate that a couple of joggers found the suitcase. When it made noise and moved they knew it contained something alive.
When they opened the suitcase a little dog put her nose out.  She is now in the care of Animal Services where she will be held for a certain time and then she will be adopted by one of the many who want her after hearing about her. Police are looking for the people who did this.

It took deliberate intention to drive to the park, put the dog in the suitcase and toss it down the hill. This is not simple abandonment. It was just chance the dog was found in time. It was fortunate that it wasn't too cold that day.  Who ever did this did not intend to have the dog survive. I hope someone recognizes the dog and turns the people in. If they didn't want the dog there are places the dog can be surrendered. 

She is a sweet little dog.

Right now everyone wants to adopt the little dog and they want to know who did this to her. She is going to do just fine and they could end up being fined. That seems fair considering what  they tried to do to her.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

What a horrible thing to do to an animal.Thank goodness the joggers spotted the case in time to save her.
She is such a lovely little dog, and has a beautiful face. She will be very happy soon. I hope the person who did this is caught as soon as possible.
She'd had puppies recently....that is another very sad thing.
I dislike people sometimes.
It was done deliberately. She was not supposed to be found. Now she is a star and people are lining up for a chance to adopt her. The people who did this are now wanted by the police. Their finger prints would be all over the suitcase. They will be caught. Someone will recognize the dog or someone will be suspicious of a neighbour and report them. Even if it takes years, the file will stay open.  They will always wonder when the police are coming. And while they worry the little dog will be living like a princess in her new loving home.

I can't wait to hear that they have been caught.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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