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Dog walker claims she lost five dogs.
A dog walker in England claimed that when she was walking 5 dogs in the woods they got spooked and ran off. That was last summer. They have never been found. The owners initiated extensive searches, but nothing has been found. They have reason to belief their dogs are dead. Because of court cases against the dog walker they are not saying why they believe the dogs are dead.

The dogs were referred to as the Tamworth Five. This reminds me of a case in BC called the Brookswood six. The dog walker claimed the dogs were stolen from her truck. They were later found dead. She had left them in the vehicle in the heat and they all died. She tried to cover it up by claiming they were stolen.

In this case the dog walker claims they all ran off.  Why were all five off leash when out in the woods. Wouldn't she have been able to catch at least one of them? I wonder if we will ever find out what happened to the dogs. 
Their owners must still be distraught. Even if the truth is not pleasant it would be better than not knowing.
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