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Tumor removal
Wednesday Regina had her teeth cleaned and while she was under I had them removing two fatty tumors that were starting to impede her movement.  One was in her left armpit the other on her right forearm (might as well get both while she was under).  They were both a lot deeper in the muscle than originally thought but the surgery went well.  She was so pitiful that first day but she's starting to move around more.  She had bandages after because the big one in her armpit has to have a drain until Monday.  Today she went back to have her bandages taken off and to get a pain meds refill.  I had to run out to get a dog shirt for her to drain into. They wanted to take the bandage off but suggested an old shirt but she's a lot smaller than my husband and I so I just ran out to get a dog tshirt.  Thankfully there was a Pet Smart within walking distance and I just so happened to have a $5 off.  It was ment to be!  I found a navy hoodie with a googlely eyed monster face on it.  It's adorable but also wont show the blood leaking from her armpit, score!  
We also found out that she might have the beginnings of kidney failure... BUT in researching it I found out a hight protein diet can make it worse which she is on so it looks like a change in food might fix her levels.  She didn't show signs in September when she went for her yearly checkup.  And this new food is high in protein so I'm curious if the food could be messing with the numbers.  I'm going to switch her food to a senior food.  I'm hoping when they recheck her numbers that they are back down.
Recovery pictures

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:
Libby, I wish Regina all the very best for her recovery!

Misty had 2 fatty tumours but they never interfered with anything and weren't big so she kept them all the time I knew her. But I agree they need to come off if they do.

Misty also had the beginnings of kidney failure diagnosed late summer 2011. The vet and I tried her with Royal Canin renal diet (dry and canned), but she was allowed the odd scrambled egg, white fish, and chicken breast with veggies. I was quite strict with her diet food at first, and only when I saw results, allowed her to have some of the "treats" above.
Veggies were also okay to have with her canned food. So carrots and green beans  etc were a treat for her too!
She was also prescribed ACE inhibitors. "Benazecare." That is not always prescribed, but our vet thought it might be a good idea.

She acted well, and fit through all this time. No signs of illness or weakness.

Now only a few weeks later her creatinine and blood urea nitrogen had come down to upper "normal" and weeks after that they were in the mid-normal zone. (Her blood phosphorus was never raised, so that didn't seem to be an issue all through.)

The diet can be a bit bland, but Misty loved it.

Is this any help to you and Regina?
I am glad Regina has come through her surgery safely. She already looks like she is on the mend. It makes sense to remove the tumors if she was going to be under for her teeth.  I bet she looks cute in her hoodie.

The kidney issues seem to be more common these days. I think the protein content of some dog foods is too high. It is the same for  people who eat a high meat diet. As the body gets older it is harder for the kidneys to handle all that protein. Adjusting Regina's diet might be enough. The special kidney diets are good. 

Misty did well with the special food. My neighbour's cat did well with the special renal diet as well. However her kidneys had actually failed and we kept her healthy with fluid injections a few times a week. I think we kept Zooey cat going 8 years after her kidneys failed.

With good feeding you can probably prevent further damage to Regina's kidneys. She could do very well. It is a good thing you tested her kidney function.

I hope her recovery continues to go well.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Very sorry to read all this, Libby. My very best wishes to Regina for a speedy recovery.

I would agree totally with the advice of Tobi and Catherine above. A good quality senior dog food would be advisable, as the nutritional needs of senior dogs are not the same as younger dogs. I'm sure that your vet will advise on a good choice.
GOOD NEWS!! I talked to a different vet today when I took Regina in to get her drainage tube out. This is the vet that saved Mia and that dog boarder that had thrombocytopenia. I asked about her kidney function and if there was anything I needed to do or change. She looked at the numbers and I could tell she wasn't happy that the other vet even mentioned anything to me. She said with it being pre-op blood work that we can't even make a call on her kidney function because she had no water before the blood work which can cause those exact readings. YAY!! Regina is getting better every day. She can get her stitches out Saturday but it will have to wait until Monday cause I have to work. Regina is even jumping on the couch and when we went to the vet they have a cushioned bench and as the vet tech was asking how she was doing I was explain that she was already acting like normal and as I said that she jumped on the bench and I just laughed and looked at the tech like here's your proof. She's not supposed to be jumping like that but I think they forgot to tell her. I'm still going to change her food to a senior blend. She's had it before just not this last bag. I feed them Diamond Naturals an all age diet. She's always been so active with the boys I've just made sure she had vitamins and her weight has always been great.
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I am so happy about your news. Of course pre-op blood work is different because she would have been without water for a while. 
I never thought of that. Good thing you talked to a different vet.
That means her kidneys are fine and all she has to do is recover from her surgery and go on to live a fine happy life with you.
It sounds like she is recovering very well. Giving her the senior diet is okay. After all, she is a senior. She probably feels good with the tumors gone. It will be easier for her to get around without them.

We wish you a speedy recovery Regina!
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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