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47 dogs found in a home in Thunderbay
After the owner died, 47 dogs were found in his home. The dogs were in terrible, even life threatening condition.
Northern Reach Rescue Network volunteers removed the dogs from the home and shipped them to places that could care for them. 
Some of the worst dogs were sent to the Toronto Human Society.

It is sad. Some of the dogs will be damaged for life. Some might not even make it.

There is a good chance that I will get to see some of these dogs when I work on the shelter garden this summer. I am glad they are going to have a happy ending to their sad lives. Better would be a happy beginning to their lives. These animals lived in horrible conditions for a long time. I wonder that no one was aware and no one reported anything.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Poor things hope they lead a healthy happy life and if they can't at least they won't suffer any more.
Poor dogs. It's so sad they have lived like this for such a long time. If the hoarder was a recluse, it's possible no one else did know about them.
It looks as if the dogs never went outside, so if the property was set back from the road, people nearby may not even have heard anything much.

I am so glad they were rescued, and sorry for those with terrible injuries, who will lose eyes, or those who had to be put to sleep. Hoping the mre healthy ones will find good loving homes.
Thunder Bay is very remote in the first place. He might not have had any  close neighbours.
The 16 worst dogs were sent to the Toronto Humane Society. The shelter has the space and the vets on staff to handle anything.
Sadly some dogs have severe damage. In the worst cases the dogs will lose their eyes.

When you look at the video you can see how bad the dogs were. They still seem to have spirit though. If they can heal them physically then loving homes will do the rest. They will go on to have happy lives and hopefully forget what they went through.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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