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Himalayan Wolf to be given species status?
The Himalayan Wolf lives in the upper reaches of the Himalayan mountains. It is considered a subspecies of grey wolf. However its tremendous adaptations to higher altitudes are being considered a sign that it is actually a separate species. Scientists are still studying the wolf and not all results are in yet.  It is hard to study an animal that can survive on half the level of oxygen that in normally present at lower altitudes. It is this adaptation that is the reason for the wolf being considered a distinct species.

I have never even heard of Himalayan Wolves. They are not a well known species. I am glad they are being studied and assessed.
If they really are unique they should be recognized as their own distinct species group. When they were first discovered we lacked the ability to understand the differences that make them distinct. In a world that is losing wolf species, it will be good to gain a new one.
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