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After 5 years, shelter dog finds a home.
Merrick the dog was abandoned at a garage sale when he was young. He needed surgery and a lot of work before he was okay.
Then it took a billboard and a social media campaign and five years to find him a home.  It finally happened. For Merrick's new people  it was love at first sight. For Merrick it is a dream come true.

It is always a happy day when a pet who has been at the shelter a long time finally gets a home. I don't know why some pets seem to get stuck at the shelter. They just don't attract anyone or they don't show well. Five years is a long time to wait while other dogs come and go. Merrick must have really felt unwanted after a while. I am glad they finally found him the right home. No pet should spend that much of their life at a shelter. Even the best shelter in the world is not the same thing as a home.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Hooray! Great news!

Full credit to the refuge which looked after him for five years and never gave up hope of rehoming.
I think finding the dog a home became a challenge for the shelter. They really wanted him to be adopted and did a lot to make it happen.

I hope he is really happy with his new family.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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