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Bess the Border Collie needs a home.
The is a sad story. Bess came to the shelter ten years ago as a puppy. She is still there and has never had a home. She has been a shelter dog her whole life. Now at ten years old she is still a shelter dog, but there is not much time for her to have a forever home of her own

Sadly, it looks very much like Bess will never have a home. Unless someone special comes along very soon, Bess will have spent her whole life at an animal shelter. She will never know what it is to have a home that is hers, with people that are hers. She will never wait by the door for her people to come home. Even the best shelter is still a shelter. If only someone would come along and take Bess home. I don't understand why she is overlooked. She is a pretty dog and she must have been a cute puppy. There must be someone out there who is so special that they will give Bess a home because she needs a home.  It would be too sad if Bess lived and died at the shelter and never went home.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Good news! After the article there have been many calls to adopt Bess. The shelter is interviewing people to find the best match.

It looks like Bess is going to get her forever home. As soon as I know more I will post it.
I am happy that people want Bess and are asking for her. Too bad they didn't show up ten years ago.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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