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Dog waited on the veranda after family moves away
A loyal dog waited at the family home for weeks after him family moved and left him behind. He scrounged in dumpsters for food and then returned to the veranda. He even asked at the door to be let in, but no one was there to hear him.
Fortunately Speranza Animal Rescue intervened and brought him to their shelter where he is loved and cared for. Hopefully soon he will have a new loving home.

There is never a good reason for abandoning an animal. There was obviously a shelter in the area that  he could have been given to. They could have tried to rehome him. They could have taken the dog with them. Anything would have been better than leaving him to fend for himself and wonder why no one came back for him. I hope they don't get another dog somewhere else. They clearly didn't deserve the dog they had.

As for Cupid, he definitely deserve the loving family  that will soon be taking him home.
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