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A new therapy dog for Manitoba
For many years Manitoba had Rusty the therapy dog to help people.  Rusty was a one in a million dog. sadly, Rusty died of cancer at the age of 17  on Feb 17, 2020.
His human wanted to continue the therapy dog work so he posted an ad for just the right dog.  A breeder contacted him and gave him her pet husky because he had just the right personality for the job. The new dog, Hero, has some big paw prints to fill and he is going to do his best.

It is good that another dog has been found to continue Rusty's work. He was a dedicated therapy dog and he would want people to still be helped.
Living with a therapy dog must be quite the experience. No matter how good you are, your dog is better. Of course dogs tend to be better than us anyhow.
They are the ones who help us to cope with things. 
I wish Hero every success in his new career.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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