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23 dogs to find homes in Toronto
These 23 dogs were slated to be euthanized in Texas. Thanks to local dog rescue Redemption Paws they left Texas for a new life in Canada. They were stopped at the border. An article in The Sun News Paper and the efforts of MP Bill Blair saved the day. The dogs were allowed into Canada where they will soon find homes.

At one point it didn't look like the dogs would be allowed to enter the country.

It all worked out and the dogs are here somewhere. Soon they will be in homes in the area. There is no need for a dog anywhere to be euthanized. If we can transport them to a city that needs dogs they will find homes. The work of groups like redemption paws is amazing. They find the dogs that are in danger of euthanizations and they bring them to safety. This time they did it during a pandemic even thought the people would have to go through quarantine after crossing the border to pick up the dogs. That is dedication!
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