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Security guard protects dog from the rain
While the owner shopped a dog waited outside in the rain. A kind security guard held his umbrella over the dog to keep him dry.
It was a beautiful act of kindness.

It is nice to see an act of kindness to a dog in our crazy world. There are good people who will stand in the rain with an umbrella and hold it to keep a dog dry.
It wasn't even his dog, which makes it even sweeter.  Heart
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

(07-02-2020, 03:36 PM)Catherine Wrote: It wasn't even his dog, which makes it even sweeter.  Heart

Indeed! That makes it very special.

My dear father used to take an umbrella out with him when taking our Marcus (a whippet-type dog) out for a walk to "do his business". He was very considerate like that and a great animal lover (he still is, only not on this earth).
People like your father who stop and think and bring an umbrella for the dog are the special people who make the world a better place.
Even though he is no longer on this earth, I am sure his goodness remains.

Kindness to an animal or someone helpless touches us all and makes us better. 
The video of the security guard is being watched around the world. Who knows how many he will influence.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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