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Truck Rollover kills pigs
An animal transport truck filled with 90 pigs rolled over on a southern Ontario highway. The driver has been charged with careless driving.
Half the pigs were killed in the accident. The rest were loaded on to another truck and continued their  journey to the slaughterhouse, where they in turn would be killed.

So the real truth is that all the pigs are dead.
The way they transport animals is harsh.  There are way too many accidents. The animals are crammed in so tight that they are on top of each other.
There is no consideration given to the weather. Today the weather was hot. By the afternoon the humidex was above 40C.
Even if the truck hadn't rolled over some of the pigs would have died  from the heat. No matter how this thing turned out, it wasn't good for the pigs.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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