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Missing dog rescued from remote Vancouver Island cave.
On May 2 a couple on their Honeymoon was out walking their dogs. Their dog, Stella went missing. They searched for days, but found no sign of her.
On Aug 8 a couple of friends out for a surfing and fishing trip spotted something from their boat. It looked like an animal and when they got closer to shore they found a dog hiding in a remote cave. They brought her back to the boat and headed for home. 
The story was made public and ROAM, Reuniting Owners with Animals Missing, soon received a call.  Stella's people  saw the story and knew it was their dog.
A happy reunion soon followed.

This article has more detail on the actual rescue.

Stella is a tough dog. She survived on her own in a very remote area. After all she was rescued by boat. It is remarkable that she was found at all. Being reunited with her people is the work of Roam. They make sure that lost animals make it home whenever possible.

The work of a group like ROAM is invaluable. Without them many animals would never find their way home. People don't live in these remote areas so if a pet goes missing they do eventually have to go home without the pet. Roam keeps track of missing pets and they are a place people can call if they find a pet.
In Stella's case they were able to reunite her with her people very quickly after her months long ordeal. 
It is an unbelievable rescue. Stella is one lucky dog.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

It is wonderful that such organisations exist, but of course the simplest solution to be reunited with a dog is to have it microchipped. Lost dogs in Europe are routinely scanned after being found lost. In the USA, this does not seem to be always done (remember the story of the woman whose dog was given to a family by a refuge without checking the microchip?)
Stella is such a nice dog. I am glad she was rescued by those two, and reunited by ROAM.
She must have been so happy to have been given liver pate and bread on the boat. Goodness knows what she survived on for 3 months. It's a happy ending for a lovely dog and her worried family Heart
We have posted stuff about ROAM and dogs lost on Vancouver Island before. This is the first time I have been able to post something about a dog that was found.
It is nice to have happy news for a change.

Stella was lucky to be found at all. That area is so deserted. She might have found sea weed and dead fish to eat. It wouldn't have been much. I bet the pate tasted like the best meal she has ever had. Seeing her family again was probably the best moment of her life, second only to being rescued in the first place.
I wish them many happy years together. Heart
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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