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Mysterious animal seen in Colorado
Residents in Webster Colorado have been seeing a strange wild animal lurking around their yards. So far no one can identify it. They have fairly good videos, but not good enough for identification. People are worried about their pets because the animal is a carnivore. It has left piles of bones from things it has eaten.

I looked at the video and the animal walks like a cat, a big cat, but still a cat. I don't see  a fox when I look at it. Could it be some kind of cat that has escaped, one that isn't native to Colorado? 
The legs are to long and the ears to pointed to be a Fischer.  I looked up black foxes and they are not as sleep as this animal. I just don't get the fluffy end to its tail. That is odd looking. None of the local Colorado carnivores look like the image. I love a good mystery, but this one may never be solved.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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