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Horses rescued from California wildfire
When the workers at J Bar 4 Ranch heard that a number of horses were in danger from the wildfires raging through Vacaville, they sprung into action.
They headed to the fire area and bravely rescued 78 horses, two dogs, a pig and two cows. They brought them back to the ranch and are caring for them.
A call for donations of food has brought an amazing response.

It is amazing how people will respond when animals are in danger. That was no small rescue and the conditions were dangerous.
I am relieved to hear that people are able to rescue animals from the California fires. I am sure whoever owns the horses will be relieved to know the animals are all safe and being cared for. You have to admire the rescuers for their bravery and for the care they are giving the animals now. These are very special people.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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