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Theo's Bucket List
You may remember a month ago how a 12 year old golden retriever was found a abandoned in a parking lot. Theo turned out to have terminal cancer and little time left to live. The family that found him adopted him. They wanted to give him the best last days of his life. Thus Theo's bucket list was born. People are now posting suggestions and offering help. Theo does one new thing each day and so far he is going strong.

The idea of Theo living out his last best days seems to have captured people's hearts and imaginations. Theo has become a real inspiration for people.
However much time he has, Theo is enjoying it to the full. From abandoned in a parking lot with no hope, Theo has become a social media star with a rich life and all the love he can handle.  I know this can't go on for long, but I still wish him lots of time to enjoy his new loving life. We still need Theo to  inspire us..
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I may be wrong of course, but Theo could have Hemangiosarcoma. That is common in older Goldens.
That is what Misty had (though she wasn't a Golden Retriever)

So if he has that, he will probably have completely fine energy a lot of the time, even though he's terminally ill.

And so I hope he and his family enjoy every experience on his bucket list! It all sounds really good.

Bless his Soul. Heart
What a delightful doggy! Such a sweet face. May his remaining days be happy! Maybe, just maybe, he will live much longer than expected.
I found the original article. Theo has already had a full month and still seems to be well  enough.

They don't say what kind of cancer Theo has. So far he seems to have energy.  All the love and special care  might keep him going longer than the vet expected.
Theo has a lot  to live for now. Whatever happens he will die surrounded by love and he will have touched the lives of the many people who have heard about him.

Quote:Maybe, just maybe, he will live much longer than expected.
This is my hope exactly.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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