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Woman who dumped her senior dog is found and charged
A woman drove he 13 year old golden lab to a quiet place, took him out of the car, removed his collar and then drove off and left him.
She figured if he had no collar, she couldn't be traced. She didn't know about the surveillance camera that caught the whole thing.
The woman who owned the camera acted quickly. The dog was rescued and animal control was contacted.

The dog is safely in a foster home, soon to be adopted. The woman was found and will be cited for animal cruelty.

The dog was 13 and she had him since he was a puppy. How do you abandon a pet you have had for so many years. How is someone that cold and uncaring. If the dog hadn't been seen on a surveillance camera it would have been alone and frightened and who knows what would have happened to him. It would not have been good. At his age he would not have been able to survive or even walk too far. 

I cannot imagine what the woman is like. She deliberately chose to drive her dog to a place where she could abandon him. I know I wouldn't want her as a          co-worker, a neighbour or a friend. She must be very selfish. If she absolutely had reasons why she had to give the dog up there were many things she could have done that would not have ended with her dog alone and abandoned. She chose to abandon him.
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